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Indian Summer Thurdsay on The Town, Duvet & Avalon

I got the writing bug again.  Plus I had to wait till we had our brand spanking new home page to start writing again.  I'll try to give it a whirl again, just keeping up on a daily basis is tough.  Let's go....

Kept it pretty light for Thurs. night is not too crazy to begin with.  I started to go to party at The Plumm hosted by rapper turned actor Ice-T and his voluptuous wife, Coco, but I got a late start so I skipped it.

I popped into Avalon and spoke briefly to it's owner Big Fish fresh off the blowout he did Tuesday night w/ Keyshia Cole's Album Release party.  (In the spirit of being impartial, I feel obligated to report that Obie also had a successful Keyshia Cole album release party on Tuesday.  So despite all the shenanigans that went on prior to the this past Tuesday, Keyshia Cole was at BOTH events and BOTH were packed.  Congrats to you both.)  Nonetheless Thursday is college night at Avalon so I just watched in awe as the youngins danced in different versions of the Harlem Shake.  But then again, the DJ was DJ Webstar of Chicken Noodle Soup fame so I guess that would explain it.  Shout to the MC on the mic, don't know his name, but he brought a lot energy to party.  We'll have to look out for him in a few years.....

Next, I stopped by Duvet and entered into a fairly packed party.  The team has done a great job in building that party in about 4 months time.  The energy was really good between 2:30 and 3:15 - shout to DJ Self and Soundproof for being responsible for that.  Notables included some regulars as well as a little bit of star power in the building: The Wire's Edris Elba (Stringer Bell) and Wu-Tang's Raekwon along with D. Simpson (DSA Media), Big Don, LB The Mayor (celebrating his b-day), Suga J, DJ Mello and Zach (Frontline).

It's Friday so I guess many of you are trying to figure out what to do this weekend.  The biggest news for those that don't know, it looks like Mars 2112 will be closed this weekend thanks to a gentleman outside the club who apparently threatened to shoot a cop (This is hearsay).  How that warrants shutting down a club, I don't know, but hey it's the NYPD.  The parties planned there are in the process of relocating if they haven't already.  Stay tuned to the listings on site.

For Friday, your regular weeklies are your best bet, Eugene, Strata, Avalon .  For those of you who want a more intimate setting there's a new Friday party going on at Fashion 40. Headliners Influential XP and n3P Media - formerly of Fri. nights at Eugene are offering a new alternative.

Saturday, I'm checkin' out the regular weeklies as well: Eugene/GT, Fusion and a new weekly at Farenheit

A bunch of good parties coming up next week for the holiday.  I'll do my best to keep you posted.  It's past my bedtime....See you in the club



good writing man keep that pen going... i party in binges, but when im not i look forward to ur blog...peace

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