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Patience Proving to Be A Virtue

Just got in from Myst and while there, I had a brief conversation with the 'quarterback promoter', as I'll refer to him, Easy from Easy Money Ent.  In not so many words, he boasted, and I complimented his body of work as the we observed the party. 

But nothing special was going on, it was just the fact that there was a solid crowd in attendance without a special promotion or advertised appearance by 'this rap artist' or 'such and such athlete'.  And wouldn't you know it, there were this rap artist (Cassidy) or such and such athlete (boxer Zab Judah and Houston Rocket Rafer Alston) in attendance hanging out anyway.  As a observed, I just had flashbacks to when this party first started back in March when the club was near empty with partygoers.  I recall this to serve as a lesson not only to promoters, but club owners as well.  Many of times, I have witnessed club management pull the plug on parties after 1 or 2 weeks of subpar attendance as opposed to allowing the party to grow and build momentum.  Kudos to both Myst and Easy Money and Co., for doing the later and building it into a successful weekly event.

Other notables at Myst included: DJ Big Kap, and Noemad (Bad Boy Records)



That is the truth about club owners wanting to pull the plu g

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