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DJ Will's "Boom Boom Room"

Checked out DJ Will's B-day Bash.  I was quite impressed once I found out the venue Level V, for it has been untouched by the urban community.  I was also impressed beyond expectation the way the event turned out.

The staff did a great job of limiting the crowd to come in because DJ Will knows a lot of people and it easily could have turned into a zoo. But then again, I heard it was a zoo outside trying to get in at 1AM.

The highlight of the evening easily had to be the “Boom Boom Room” complete with “exotic” entertainment. Hell, the “Boom Boom Room” even found it's way to the main floor a few times..(Figure it out from the pix...)

The event hosted a who's who of the nightlife scene with a few celebs sprinkled in. Notables included, Tenn. Titans Vince Young and Keith Bulluck, Ice Age's Lil' Keith, Swiss Beats, Zab Judah, Stag Ent.'s Neil B., Mr. Hefner, NBA Los, Obie, D.B.O.'s Rich P. and Reem, John Vasquez, NFL Kev, Singer Yummy Bingham, Amad of Eyez on Style, Imani from Connections Unlimited, DJ Commish and Hollywood Chuck.

Next time to go out will be at Rocky and DJ Self's b-day bash Thursday night.....I'm expecting a zoo, so I would advise for you to get there early.

Till next time,
Caesar Cipher



Don't forget the heat provided by DA UNION's Own DJ SNATCH-1 & DJ SNAP, alongside Legend Sound & DJ Mace with Fame Fortune on the pass thru. And SWIZZ's LIVE PERFORMANCE!!!!

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