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Women In Nightlife A Multi-Part Series: Patty Laurent


The New York City nightlife scene is one of the world’s most exciting and exhilarating places to be on any day of the week.  From the posh clubs in Manhattan, to the neighborhood joints in the Bronx and Brooklyn, every borough has a different scene for your need.

Promoters are fixtures within the nightlife industry. These are the individuals who plan the bashes and draw the people to the nightclubs.  An overwhelming majority of the promoters are male, which has created an informal “ Boys Club.” To this day, the dearth of self-sustaining female promoters is stunning. This can be attributed to what many feel, a lack of respect females receive from predominantly male club owners as successful event planners.  But one woman, Patty Laurent, has let nothing stand in her way and built a successful enterprise at the same time.

Patty2_1 Laurent is the owner of X-Factah Inc., a DJ management company, and Patty Laurent Signature, a special events planning boutique.  In her sixteen years throwing parties, Laurent has not only raised the bar for her female counterparts, but for males as well.  Her events have garnered press in the New York Post and the NY Daily News and the Village Voice.  Most recently, she had a full-page article in the May 2006 issue of Vibe Magazine.

Patty3a A native of Long Island and graduate of Marymount Manhattan College with a degree in communications, Laurent dreamed of becoming a professional dancer growing up, until she met Hip-Hop impresario Steve Stoute. “I met Steve when I auditioned for a backup dancer role for one of his groups. Luckily, he was impressed by me and I made it into the band,” said Laurent. Shortly after joining the group, they disbanded and she decided to go back to school where she started throwing parties. Patty began throwing soirees in the early 90's at popular Manhattan clubs like Café Links, Stickey Mickeys, and Downtime. “I am a member of a sorority [Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc.] so it was easy to attract large crowds because we’re all about having a good time,” said Laurent.

At the same time, she also had goals of venturing into the music business. But with no prior experience in music, it was hard for Laurent to land a position. “Stoute always told me I had to come in the game as an intern or entrepreneur. I decided to come in as an entrepreneur because I had a kid at the time and an internship wasn’t going to pay the bills,” said Laurent. Laurent figured if labels wouldn’t hire her, she would make them come to her and began doing promotions. In 1998, while doing some promotional work for Spring Break in Daytona Beach, Florida, she met a contact at Loud Records who introduced her to a then up and coming DJ Goldfinger.

Patty4 “Meeting Goldfinger was my big break. When we first met, he asked me to manage him, but I declined because I had no experience. But, he was persistent and continued asking me and after a couple of weeks, I became his manager,” says Laurent. The partnership between Laurent and Goldfinger was to say the least, golden. “Once we joined forces, he became the #1 club DJ,” said Laurent. “I landed him gigs for Donald Trump, Heidi Klum, and Oprah Winfrey. He also did six Japanese tours.” The success Laurent attained with Goldfinger brought other DJ’s calling and soon many of the city's popular DJs enlisted her services.

Representing DJ’s wasn’t easy for Laurent, as many venues didn’t like the idea of her representing the DJ and throwing the party at the same time. “A lot of venues gave me a hard time, but I’m a strong woman and owners didn’t like my approach per se when a man would do the same, it’d be different,” says Laurent.

Patty5_2 From her management company to parties, Laurent felt it was time to take her enterprise to a higher level. She began to progress from weekly parties at nightclubs to executing “Corporate Red Carpet V.I.P. Events.” Laurent has since coordinated corporate events for Pontiac Automobiles and Bud Light overtime along with album release and birthday parties for musical artists such as Ne-Yo, Fat Joe, Ludacris, Robin Thicke, Mashonda, Shawnna, Ashanti, and Outkast.

Despite the success she has enjoyed thus far, because of her sex, Laurent feels she has encountered more than her fair share of negative energy and outright betrayal which has created a professional skepticism for most people she encounters in this business.  However, Laurent loves what she does and feels the mistrust is just part of the package. “One negative of nightlife is that it’s cutthroat and it’s not what you know, but who you know.”

Laurent still throws weekly parties at PM and Rebel to huge turnouts, but she’s focusing on exiting the party scene soon to focus on cultivating her corporate events business. Despite all the success Patty Laurent has attained she still feels there’s one title that she needs to reach to feel satisfied. “I’ve been going for 16 years now and I’m not stopping till I’m considered a mogul.”

Claudio E. Cabrera


monique richards

I am very impressed with ur success as a woman in the entertainment business. I am also a comminucations major and tried 2 throw a few parties but tend 2 get discouraged. I would appreciate a little guidance and advice from someone with experience. I do kno that sometimes" its not what u kno but who u kno" I would appreciate it if u could respond back.


I just read the story and I was so inspired. I graduted with a B.A. from Howard in Communications. I am also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha. I was wondering how I could break into the industry. This gives me hope. Good story.

Ty K.

This story is just the motivation I need to execute my plan of breaking into the industry. I use the word breaking because I know this is a male dominated field and I have to be aggressive and highly competitive while still maintaining my feminity. My business plan is still so new that it's scribbled on the back of an event flyer. Any information and advice you can pass on would be greatly appreciated. Great story. Great woman.

LaToya B.

I was so happy to come across your article both on alltheparties.com and in the Vibe magazine. I can't explain enough how much your hard work and what you are doing is appreciated. I am so determined and focused to get in the business, but I am finding it very difficult to get any mentoring or advice from my male counter parts, and because of that it has become frustrating to even learn the basics of the business. I would never want any one to hold my hand through this process, but I could use all of the positive advice and mentoring I can get if your willing to pass on the knowledge. Thanks so much for doing what you do, you are trully an inspiration.

vinnie mochedda

Sup Pattie, this is Vinnie i met u saturday @Rebel. i'm the lightskin dude that had a problem with the fitted hats bein not allowed in the club though there were a few with them on n the club, but n ne case i just wanted to stop by ur site say wassup. it seems that u r the real deal, i look 4ward to keeping in touch, u now have my e-mail, so please keep me posted on ne future events, God Bless and keep up the good work...

L. Tyrone Barnes

Hay! BabyGirl, Its your Brother, TY, you know this Man. I was just surf'n and came up on this Bang'n Article of my sistah. Dang! its actually good and the writer (nuf respect) did a wonderful job capturing your undaunted entrepreneurial heart. I am more than proud of you I love you for your strength and success. Keep rock'n babygirl for yourself first, and everything else will fall into play (as it has already). Umoja!! Your Brother TY.....you got my info hit me!!

Melvin henderson

Nice portfolio.........I'm from H-town and would like to attend some of your events........I also my wife is shy ,but would like to get into this type of business





C of the CIA

This is beautiful! Patty has been such and inspiration to me and my other 2 members in the C.I.A. With breaking into the party scene it has already proven to be all but an easy pass for women like us. We have enjoyed long talks in loud clubs and bathrooms and dj booths across the city with Patty and are eternally inspired to keep going seeing how much she has done. We love you! And love the article! BIG HUG!

ken goldman

PARTY DECORATORS look us up and hook us up. went to 2 of ur parties they were greeat but we can make em better

Robin P

Hey!Patty I met you at the King party at Lotus,my name is Robin I was the short girl with the red locks with two guest trying to get in.Thanks for getting me in I really appreciated what you did the party was a blast you did a great job,I am currently doing some work myself, I just got casted for a movie & I just did a shoot for a hair magazine & I am a makeup artist as well so feel free to contact me & please keep me posted on any work & future events. thanks again! and stay BLESSED.....

Erik 7 Council

Peace Patty, Long time. Good to see you doing what you do so well, please hit me up when you have a chance, as always, keep striving, and energizing to a higher level. Your success lifts us all up.

monifa Ivory

The reason I am writing you this letter is because god found you for me. About a hour before I found your articile in the "06" VIBE mag.( and it "07")I asked to guide towards my dream as a event coordinator, I open the book to your page, and the more I read the more hope and courage I incountered to follow my dream and do what's in heart. I'm a single parent of a 3yr old boy I work full-time as CNA and is currently in school for my RN because of situation of circumstances and having a back up plan and stability to raise my son and my dream business. I'm writing you this letter to ask if you would please me and my future business partner to one of your event as a bus boy,trash boy a fly on the wall to keep the flies out.. lol anything.We would really appreicate the experience we would gain from being at one of your events. You are my one and only inspiration.


My Patty<3 I'm so proud of you. This is your cousin. I love you and am so proud of all that you have done and just keep up the good work.

Tatiana Figueroa

I am so happy that I found this article. I have been working on my business plan for a month now and would like some guidance. I know that since I am a young female entering into this business that it is going to be hard. I know that I am going to face some challenges and I am ready for them. I would like to know if you could give me any advice on starting out? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you and god bless.


Patty I was impressed with you. I have been doing christian events and I do know you must be Driven..
Keep going never give up.

God Bless
Mrs. Chandra Roberson


i want 2 be part of the pic


PURE motivation*

Ant Money

Hey Patty, this is Ant from the School Yard Boys and i just wanted to let you know that i look foward in meeting you. i did my research and im very impressed you can respond with the email address provided

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