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Purveyors of Nightlife: Junito Garcia of Influential XP

Junesolo2 When you think about the nightlife industry and the promoters behind these extravagant bashes, you’d never stop to think that some of these individuals aren’t big partygoers. “The whole nightlife scene wasn’t really for me,” says Junito “June” Garcia, President of Influential XP.   “I was never a big clubgoer, but what I did notice was the craze it created amongst my friends.   I saw a market for this craze and looked at it as a business opportunity.”

June is one of the most respected promoters in the city. He’s built his reputation on throwing some of the sexiest parties around. From one of the best after work parties in the city at Fashion 40, to IHOP Saturdays at Fashion 40 and Layer Cake Thursdays at Rock Candy, his events always bring out the classiest urban professionals in the tri-state area.

Junejazo2 Garcia started his journey in the party promotions industry in 1999 when he began throwing jams at the popular Nightlife Sports Bar in the Bronx.  “I felt promoting would be easy for me because I’m an outgoing person,” said Garcia.  “I knew a bunch of clubgoers and DJs so it was a perfect marriage from the start.” Garcia successfully threw parties at Nightlife till 2001 when he was introduced to veteran promoter Kennar Nelson (currently of n3P Media) through a mutual friend.  Both clicked immediately and Nelson introduced Garcia to the high stakes world of Manhattan nightlife. “Once I began throwing parties in Manhattan is when everything skyrocketed,” said Garcia. From Club Post (now Branch), to Busker Brown (now Metro 53) and Octagon, the parties were great and the draws were enormous.  Both began talking about partnering and formed Endustry Entertainment and continued their reign of success for two years until they parted ways. “We both decided to go our separate ways to pursue our own endeavors,” said Garcia.

Juneteam2 Garcia carried on the Endustry Entertainment name solely, but felt it was time for a change and went back to his original company name, Influential XP, with ‘XP’ short for experience.  The Influential XP slogan is “Party with Experience.”  When asked whom his parties reach out to, June goes back in time to his childhood. “My parties reach out to the era when our elders were partying and how they were adamant in going to an event and having the time of their lives,” said Garcia.  “I feel my company does exactly that.  It brings joy to many because the music will always be blasting, the drinks will always be good, and the experience will be everlasting.”

When asked what makes a bad party, June responds, “When the music and the drinks are subpar, you got yourself a bad party.  But one overlooked aspect of it all is security.  Your whole nightlife experience starts at the door, and if you’re not treated well by the bouncers, that attitude will spread into your party and create a hostile environment.” said Garcia.

Junestacyj2 The success that June has attained throughout the years has given him the opportunity to teach other burgeoning party promoters the ropes.  But, the one thing that brings a smile to his face is what the party promotion industry has done for many Black and Hispanic young men. “Growing up, I saw a lot of people standing on corners selling drugs and now I see the same people throwing parties,” said Garcia.  “This game allows many young men who feel they have no choice but to sell drugs to rethink their positions and learn that there’s a way to make money without having the cops on your back.”

So how long does June expect to continue throwing parties?  “You don’t get into this business with a set retirement date.  My whole goal is to continue throwing great parties and building relationships till it leads to bigger and better things in the future.”

By: Claudio E. Cabrera



JUNITO...congrats dogssss..BEST of LUCK IN 2007.
Que Pasa?
1515bway SOS..



you came a long way baby, keep gettng better and hotter, proud of you.enjoy the ride. God bless you.

Tatiana Figueroa

I am a young woman and I am creating my business plan for my event planning company. I would like to know if you have any advice for a young black and puerto rican woman entering this business?

ernesto serrano

I'm proud of u GARCIA!!

"Gracia for. For four years "june"


Thanks for being an inspiration for us the minorities, but mayorities.GOD BLESS U BROTHER.

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