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Fortune 5ive Random Thoughts

Fame5a READY READY READY!!!!!   What's really good people?!  Can you believe how fast the time is flying by?  Summer is just about here.  Seems like only yesterday is was cold and freezing outside.  Now that I think about it, it was only yesterday that it was cold and freezing outside!  So much is going on in the business that it has been hard to keep up, but I feel damn near compelled to share things with ya'll in this forum of a column.  So since we don't have much time to spend together, I will use this entry of The Fortune 5ive to share some random thoughts.

Memorial Day Weekend '06

Now if you're asking yourself why am I about to discuss Memorial Day weekend now after about a week and a half...well...let's just say that some of us are JUST NOW regaining our "balance" and sobering up!  The reports and/or anticipation of demise in Cancun for this weekend were greatly exaggerated.  (Translation: if you thought or heard Cancun was going to be wack, you were hatin' and playing yourself!)  You got to understand something, not everyone can do Cancun.  Just think about that for a second.  Those who go must have a certain level of "grown",  [a word I like to use], in them so that you'll EXPECT to have a good time, with problems not even being a second thought.  (As Martin Lawrence said in the 'Blue Streak', "...don't nooooo body wanna go to jail in Mexico!...")  With that being said, the couple of thousand people who went definitely enjoyed themselves.  Once you walked into whatever hotel you stayed at, you couldn't help but leave all your issues and problems back home wherever you came from!  My peoples, The Fortune Family, were there and they were intoxicated about 75% of the weekend, AND NYC REPPED HARD!!!  On top of all that, this weekend was the setting for a most unanticipated situation which is my random thought...

The "Reunion"

I consider myself to have guarded optimism.  This reduces the level of disappointment when people and/or situations let you down (AND FOLKS WILL LET YOU DOWN).  But when things go well, you appreciate it more.  Well I must say, things went well in Cancun.  So much so, that on the Friday night and The Booze Cruise on Saturday (you really need to experience The Booze Cruise once in your life!) there was a reunion, an UNPLANNED reunion with DJ Self and myself.  I was just as surprised as anyone there who witnessed it.  And you couldn't deny the impact it had.  You could tell from the New York contingent of partygoers and promoters in attendance.  This is all I will say about the entire situation: I'm personally and professionally glad that the "situation" has passed.  DJ Self along with a lot of other DJs contributed to my rise is this business, and I don't forget things like that.  As Dee from Round Da Clock put it, the ability for DJ Self and I to co-exist is "good for the game".  Oh yeah, if you were in Temple on Sunday June 4th 2006, you saw the reunion continue.  Shout to DJ Self and family.  Which brings me to the next random thought...

My 4-Year Anniversary!

I recently had to stop a party just to let YOU THE PEOPLE know how appreciative I am, and how much God has truly blessed me in this crazy business.  As I sit here and think about it, I just passed my 4-year anniversary this past April.  It was April of 2002, when after sitting alongside my uncle, Curt Flirt, for the previous 5 months on-air on the overnight shift on Hot 97, that I was brought to a club called Cheetah (maybe you heard of it...lol) on a Wednesday.  That following Sunday, a group of Queens promoters called Party Celebs (consisting of two teams: Playaz Prod., and the other now known as "the mighty" S.T.A.G. Ent.) brought me to the up-and-coming Sunday night party at NV then known as Groove Paradise Sundays.  There was no host or MC, and when I met the promoters, they were very skeptical (as most people were), but when I met the DJ (who happened to be DJ Will), he said go ahead and give him the mic.  So in April 2002, I became THE ORIGINAL HOST of Groove Paradise Sundays (later to be called Chocolate City Sundays) at NV.  From that party, I went on to host the legendary White Shirt, Blue Jeans Affair at The American Park Cafe (if you weren't there THAT NIGHT SUMMER of 2002...I don't even have the time to describe it in this entry) and that's where I met for the first time DJ Kulcha.  Same scenario as Will: as soon as I was introduced, we worked the party. That same summer, I was approached to host the monthly event Soul Groove 2nd Fridays at Metronome (now called Strata) which went on to run for the next year and a half.  The rest is READY READY READY history.  I say that to say this: unlike other MCs or DJs who may have started, I came into this business very green...not knowing anyone, no alliances, nor who-was-who.  I had no links at all and learned everything through trial and error.  To go from that point in 2002, to now having introduced artists and been on stage with people like Keyshia Cole, Ne-Yo, Black Rob, Shaggy, Trey Songz, Foxy Brown, Lil’ Kim, R. Kelly, OutKast, Treach, Slick Rick and many more; to work with virtually every DJ that matters in NYC; to be recognized with respect from legends in this business like Doug E. Fresh, Kool DJ Red Alert and Wendy Williams; and to even work a round (or "set") of reggae with The Immortal Stone Love...all I can say is: Great is The Lord and He's worthy to be praised!  This is just a sample of how He's blessed me in this game, and I thank Him for His grace and mercy every night!  I hope to celebrate this time come October when I, along with other prominent Libras in the business, bring to you The Fortune 500!  But for now, I just thank God for what he's done, and I thank YOU THE PEOPLE for vibing with me!

The last random thought I'll share with ya'll today is a piece of writing I think everyone should read.  It'll put some of your "friends" in proper perspective, and it was written by someone near and dear to my heart....and she'll be 21 in August.  It's scary to have a point of view like this at her age.  Her name is "Lil' Fortune", and I want you to read it as if you're reading poetry.  I may post this on my MySpace page, (page named "Fame Fortune") and we'll talk about MySpace next time.  In the mean time, read this, and tell me what you think.  famefortune1@yahoo.com is the email.  And I'm OUT!

Fame Fortune,
The Best Damn Host, Period!

To Whom It May Concern:

I have come to the conclusion on something I thought I knew. But now my vision has become clear and now I realize I don’t know much.  This thing called friendship which I thought was deep, is something I feel that is becoming nonexistent. Aspects of a friendship such as conversation have been replaced with the cordial company and occasional concern. Words once spoken seem to have been just said out of circumstance and not of situation. The alone time we have seems to be the only glimpse of sincerity that I receive, yet you insist that yes there is a friendship…. - a “friendship” a word that I think we have two different meanings for. Besides knowing your dislikes, your likes, your wants, your needs, I see that now I am may be no different from anyone else u think of more then average less than most. If for every action there is a reaction, what do u suppose could be your action to cause me to react in such away where I feel as though what was once a friendship is no longer. Or, is the answer not coming because the question is not being correctly asked? So should the question be- was a friendship even there?  So I say this to say, that I will absorb what I need to understand this relationship that is too complicated to be named; but know that sooner or later there must be a reciprocation of the intensity of the emotion, the time, the thoughts, and the feelings that I give to you ….. MY FRIEND. 


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