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Notables on the Scene: Brian the Bachelor

Kif_1721_3Many of you that go out or look at these pictures may see some of the same faces time and time again.  I'm sure some of you may wonder exactly who are these people and what do they do so that they're partying all the time?  And what do I need to do so I can party like a rockstar at all times?  So we've created the column, Notables on the Scene to shed some light on the subject.  From time to time, we will spotlight folks on the scene to learn a bit more about them.  So without further a due, we present Brian the Bachelor.

Brian the Bachelor

Don’t You Have a Job?:
Owner of urban streetwear clothing line, Lemar and Dauley

Bb1Power Moves:
Lemar and Dauley voted as one of the top 100 brands by URB Magazine.
Spike Lee wearing a Lemar and Dauley varsity jacket on the cover of the Ave Magazine.
Swizz Beats rocking Lemar and Dauley in the video for “Spit Your Game”.
Honorable mention in Vibe, XXL, The Source, and Complex magazines.

Parties Where You’ll Most Likely Find Him:
Sundays at T-NY
Tuesdays at Home
Wednesdays at Lotus
Fridays at Eugenes
Saturdays at Spirit

Favorite Promoter(s):
STAG Entertainment
Tone Byrd and Keino

Favorite DJ(s):
DJ Self
DJ Cassidy 

Bb2Best Party Ever Attended:
2004 Summer Jam Afterparty with R. Kelly at Deep

Favorite People to Party With:
Robinson Jean
Tone Byrd

Craziest Thing Witnessed at a Party:
Sex on the dance floor at Social Club

Famous Last Words:
No Sleep! Work hard and you’ll get to play hard.

Credit: Julie Ane



Danielle Durham

Very nice... Congratulations to your success.


Congrats Brian!


Yo, That's my boy and we go way back!!! Much success to both Lemar & Dauley!! I see you in the night life baby!!

Love Reen


Congrats hun....from your pseudo 4 always


Congrats!!!I still remember you working at EB. Those were good times. Keep doing what you're doing, never stop,sky's the limit. Peace,and God Bless U in all U do.


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