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The Week of Ne-Yo and The Police State

It has been some time, but the kid has popped back in for a State of the Union address...When the next one will be, I don't know....I'm no longer making promises I can't keep.  You'll get it when you get it.  Let's go:

Last Friday (2/24) night I stopped by Friday night's longest running party, Eugene (Stag, n3P, Tone & Keino) where I spotted Bobby Trends, Bishop and boxer Vivian Harris.  Last time I saw Vivian Harris, he sounded like a scratched CD on HBO during his post fight interview as he kept repeating, "You know what I'm saying?" after the running out of gas against Carlos Maussa.  When is your next fight?  Speaking of boxers I haven't seen Zab Judah as of late.  I'm assuming he's getting ready for his big fight against Floyd Mayweather in April.  I would imagine he learned his lesson from his embarrassing performance against Carlos Baldomir in his own backyard back in January.  Hanging out in Temple two weeks before a fight isn't necessarily the best preparation to win.  However, I hope he does NYC proud in April.  Keino will also be celebrating his b-day in Vegas during the weekend of the Judah/Mayweatherfight.   I'm working on getting travel packages for the party so Keino get at me when you get a chance.

I wanted my night to go a few extra rounds so I headed over to Mars 2112 for Ed Lover’s Birthday Bash (S.C.L.A.S.S., Nubian Gold, Round Da Clock) where Harlem was heavy in the building.   Just to name a few, I ran into Ed Lover,
DJ Will, LB Da Mayor and Monie Love.

Saturday (2/25) I found myself in Spirit (Eclectic Group) which has turned into a weekly madhouse but more about that a little later.  Some 100-150 people got turned away due to capacity issues.  How and why folks would attempt to rush the door while the police were standing right in front, I don't know.  As I mentioned before, when a few knuckleheads act up at parties you make it hard for everyone in this industry.  Going forward, your best bet is to get their early; no later than midnight.  With all the madness going on, there were still a number of noteables in the building including Indiana Pacer Jermaine O'Neil, Rich Kid, Keino and Jay just to name a few. 

The next stop was a Brooklyn infested Supper Club for Ebony Crush (Amad of Baby Boyz, Round Da Clock, Team Chizzo)
Lil Jon was in the house to celebrate Big Kap’s birthday weekend and had the crowd in the frenzy once he grabbed the mic.

Big Kap’s birthday weekend celebration continued at Temple on Sunday (2/26) and Lil Jon came out to represent once again. I was really feeling the energy here between the notables and Young Jeezy plaques Da Union had on display.  Apparently each member had recieved a plaque for their role in spinning his records in the clubs.  More artists should take notice because these parties are ground zero for determining a hit and I'm glad Jeezy and his people recognized that.  If your song isn't poppin in the clubs, it acts as a barometer for how the mainstream will react once it hits the radio.  Notables included: Lil Jon, Chamillionaire, CEO Bar, Mook Diamond, Snoop, BlushN Ent., LB da Mayor, Chris Cakes, Vegas and Prince of Showcase, Big Snap, Mad Linx, DJ Commish, and DJ Will

Last Tuesday (2/28) I arrived to the early so to a highly anticipated Ne-Yo Album Release Party at Sol (Patty Laurant, X-Factah).  OK so it was midnight, but that's early for me considering at midnight on most nights I'm still in my draws.  I had a feeling it was going to be one of those 'shut down the door nights' sho nuff, that's what happened.  Am I a genius or what?  The door was insanity.   Inside was a frenzy.  If you didn't arrive prior to 2AM, this piece is as close as you will get to knowing what went down inside.  Apparently Def Jam President Jay-Z couldn't make it in the building.  I know that everyone reading this piece is thinking “this just can't be right.”  The president of the label of the artist whom the party is in honor of not able to get inside.  Hell, forget his position, how does Jay-Z not make it in inside any club in the Western Hemisphere?  Well apparently it wasn't a matter of the club not letting him in, but there was a pretty large and intimidating gang of heavily armed individuals decked in blue deterred Jigga Man from entrance.....Crips?, Blu Davinci/BMF deciples?  No I believe they call themselves cops.  Often times, when large crowds loiter outside a venue or a club is at capacity, venues face stiff fines and penalties.  I'm sure with Hov entering the building with about 200 other folks dying to get in to no avail definitely would've had Sol opening up their checkbook.  In addition, I think one-time was probably afraid how the crowd inside would react once they learned Hov was in the building.  He seems to have the gravity about him where everyone wants to be near him.  There were way too many people inside for something like that to happen.

The party had great energy, bottle poppin every where and a live performance helped to make this a one of a kind event. There was an interesting mix of celebs, cats off the block, industry folks and folks just looking for a good time.  It was not your typical album release party, but I'll bet you'll have a hard time finding anyone who didn't have a good time.  Tons of notables in the building and I'm sure I missed a few, but this is what I can remember: 
Tammy Ford, John Vasquez, Kennar, Rich P., Christyle, Alan/Mr. TV, Bel Ent., Al & Starr Jones Renolyds, Dana Dane, Gianni, Kevin Hunter, Junito, Tone Byrd, Keino, DJ Will, DJ Self, Chamillionaire,  Bobby Trends, Jay, Big Theo, Lil Jon, NBA Los, Rocky, Mr. Hefner, Irv Gotti, Big Kap, Terrance Howard, DJ Red Alert, Brian (Don Diva), Brian Triple B, Madina, E-40, Dave Banner, Big Vern, Kyle and D. Simpson.

I came out of this past weekend a bit disturbed about the state of the NYC party scene.  As someone who attends a fair share of both urban and "mainstream" events, I was disgusted by the way in which our urban events are handled by NYC's finest aka the police.  I guess you can see a developing "Fuck Da Police" attitude towards the boys in blue, but I'm really not mad at them, I'm not.  They're just following their orders from the powers that be.  Walk with me.....

Friday night was a complete waste of my time.  I was outside in the cold for an hour and change and didn't make it anywhere....and man it was cold.  I attempted to go to Supper Club for BMF's Bleu Davinci's Birthday Bash (X-Factah, R.V. Brian (Don Diva), IDC).  I should've known better than to come out at 2AM looking to make an entrance.  Anytime you mention a BMF party, you get tons of disciples to come out between the fans, groupies, BMF members and the wannabe members.  Nonetheless, the club was at capacity at 1:30 and NYPD didn’t allow anyone to enter the block.  It’s very hard to see if you can polly at the door to work your way in if you can't even make it to the door.  As soon as you took a few steps past the W Hotel coming from Broadway, you were told the block was closed.  I actually stayed out there a few minutes to see if the police were turning away only our people however, they seemed to play it pretty straight across the board so I'll give them that.  I can only imagine how the W Hotel management cringes every time a tourist comes in or out of the hotel to run into a crew of 30 dudes walking down the street to get in Supper Club.  I strongly believe that the hotel is one of the reasons the Supper Club always has the police presence it does.  I'm sure I missed a good party seeing that the club was at capacity by 2, but I was outside mentally playing civil rights activist, which would be a recurring role for the rest of the weekend. 

However, all was not bad.  Between the Ne-Yo party last Tuesday and this event, the X-Factah team had a great week.  Congrats fellas and I can’t forget the first lady Patty Laurent.

Saturday was more of the same de facto racism.  I showed up to Spirit (Eclectic Group) a little after 1AM and the doors were about to be shut with about 150 folks still outside.  By 1:44 it became a harsh reality that they would not be allowed to enter the club and those stranded outside were encouraged to leave the block by the boys in blue.  However, unlike the Supper Club in Times Square Spirit, located on 27th St. has about six other clubs located on the same block that caters to mainstream crowds.  If you keep everyone off the block, you can't get to the other clubs.  Partygoers who stood in front of Spirit were harassed every 2 minutes and asked to leave the block.  However, just down the block in front of Cain or Guest House folks loitering in the street and were not bothered.  In fact I stood in front of Guest House for about 15 minutes and was not told by any of New York's finest to leave.  This unfortunately is becoming a weekly occurrence.  While this creates a great party inside, I have major issues with the tolerance level of the authorities that be.  Will they up to do this every week?  It's the dead of winter now.  If you have 100-150 hanging outside in 20 degree weather, what will it look like when it's 50 or 60 degrees outside?  You know how we like hanging outside........

I headed over to Exposure at Supper Club (n3P Media, Rocky, MCH) at 2:30 and it was crazy inside as well.  The doors were shut, but I was able to work some magic and work my way in. DJ Self was on top of his game.  Notables in the building included: Dee, In Da Clutch, King Matt, Stag Ent., Keino, CEO Bar, Easy, Jim Jones and his block, Chris Cakes, BlushN Ent and Kwame of Showcase.  However, a good night ended on a sour note for me.  I came out and was forced by NYPD along with the rest of the crowd to walk down toward 8th Ave. to leave.  For those of you familiar with NYC streets, although I parked on the opposite side of Broadway, I had to walk down to 8th Ave. and then walk back up to Broadway.  In simpler terms, what should have been a 3 minute walk to my whip turned into a 10 minute walk in 20 degree weather.  How do you keep people from walking into Times Square when nothing was going on?  Simple, the powers that be simply didn't want you walking past their property and spilling into Times Square, NYC's premiere tourist attraction.

These crowd control issues are a result of the lack of urban parties in Manhattan especially on the weekends.  I find it ridiculous that on a Saturday night in NYC there are only a handful of weekly urban parties at decent large venues that folks would want to attend.  And I'm not counting the Power 105 party at Octagon; it doesn't count.  There are enough people for at least two more weekly Saturday night parties that would be packed.  As a result, the crowds at all these venues would distributed more evenly and lessen the problems associated with "too many of us" in one place but, that's an argument for another day.

This past Sunday (3/5) at Temple (Stag Ent., Tone & Keino, RDC) was a zoo!  It was the craziest I've ever seen it.  Both levels were rocking by 1:30 and I'm pretty sure the door was shut by 2.  I found myself looking for a space to hang out by myself to avoid bodies pressing up against me every 10 seconds without much success.  This was largely due to Ne-Yo's appearance as advertised and a number of fans and performers from the Power 105 concert that took place earlier out at Nassau Coliseum.  I'll also have to blame my man Richy Rich who celebrated his birthday with his VA Holla crew which took up almost one side of the upper balcony.  There were plenty of notables in the building including Stroke, Busta Rhymes, Madame Miska, Gianni, Bel Ent., CEO Bar, Mr. Hefner, Mook Diamond, Spliff Star, Huddy 6, Suga J, Bobby Trends, Jay, Kay Slay, K-Starr, Yummy Bingham, Rocky and Big Kap just to name a few. 

Well, that's enough for now.  If you have any fan/hate mail send it to fcgnews@gmail.com

See you at the club…….


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