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A Truely Sexy Party and A State of Emergency

It’s been ages folks, I know. I don’t need to be reminded. There’s a ton of things I wanted to write about, but just didn’t get a chance to do so. These articles are quite time consuming and I just don’t have the time to do it. If you see my last article around Labor Day, (see Where Should I Go This Weekend) I didn’t get a chance to put all the links to names, places etc. within the article. After a few weeks go by, there’s so much to write about, I don’t look forward to doing it anymore. So with this said, my resolution will be to write more frequently but very shorter entries.
So before moving forward with Wednesday night’s activities, there were a few things on my mind that stood out over the last month and a half in club land: Good Looks: Tuesdays at a Secret Location (Patty Laurent, X-Factah) – Don’t know if it’s a secret any more, but between the R-Kelly appearance a few weeks ago and the Ne-Yo party with Tre Songs and Co. has the streets buzzing….. Share My World at Canal Room (Stag Ent., n3P Media)Kenaar celebrated his b-day with a special song/wish from Bad Boy’s Cheri Dennis which turned out to be the gem of Columbus Day weekend parties. Don’t ever know if she’s coming out, but man she can blow….. The Player’s Lounge Mondays at Taj (The JV Group, NFL Kev) – It seems this party gets more energy, or something new added every week. But hey, with a steady stream of millionaire athletes each week and model types seeking these athletes, (I’m not saying she’s a gold digger…...Yes I am…..) this is a potent combination for a good time… Young Jeezy B-Day Bash at Exit (Hot 97, Def Jam) – These parties are normally horrible: 18+ and advertised all over the radio has all the elements of a teeny-bopper bash. While I’m sure the event had it’s share of ‘kids’ in the building, I have to recognize how large Jeezy has become for the number of folks who came out on a Wednesday, in the rain and paid well over $50 for admission. Quite impressive for someone who’s not even from the NYC area and didn’t exist to most people 6 months ago. Aphrodisiac at Strata (Stand Firm Ent.) – It’s been a while since I’ve seen an event where 90% plus of the folks were dressed up outside of a Puffy party. Since Patty Laurent’s White Party on the Intrepid was probably the last time. I loved the body painted ladies serving cake. I usually experience this type of event at smaller venues, but it was a pleasure to see a large truly sexy party especially in a time when capitalism trumps sexiness. If you buy enough bottles or pay enough at the door, you can wear whatever you want and bring half the hood with you. Kudos to Randy B. and Janessa. Cotton Candy Friday at Exit (Blush-N Ent., Round Da Clock) – With the termination of their Fridays at The Supper Club, I really thought it was a wrap for this party. There were a few whispers about the team coming back after a brief hiatus, but with its abrupt ending, I knew that wasn't happening. However, they've seemed to bounce back quite nicely with their new home culminating with a live Beanie Siegel performance 2 Fridays ago. State of Emergency: I’ve been disturbed lately by the number of urban events and venues disappearing. Friday at BLVD – Gone, Tuesday at Lobby – Poof, Saturday at Etoile – History, Friday at Supper Club – Gone, Saturdays at Hush – Wrap, Fridays at Juniper Suite – Finito. While the reasons of termination stem from money, to crowd control issues to transfer of venue ownership, I’ve been bothered by the displays of injustice by both the partygoer as well as the club owners. Partygoers: You have to be more responsible when going out. Fighting and wildin’ out in the clubs hurts the entire industry and limits the places where you can party. Besides, the hip-hop police are just waiting to take you in, and…if you lose and get knocked out, we’re all gonna laugh at you. Club Management: Some of these promoters have been putting money in your pockets for quite some time and they deserve a lot more respect than doing shit like telling them to start a party and you know you’re selling your venue in a few weeks without telling them. You know more than likely the new owner is kicking them out. Having a promoter pour resources into building a party that won’t be there in a few weeks is quite wasteful. But as they say, all is fair in love and war eh? The circle of owners and managers is small, and I’m sure the paths will cross again at yet another venue…. Most Recently: I was out and about last night but didn’t get into anything too interesting. I’ll write about Show on Wednesday (Lenny the Barber, Roland) instead. So it looks as if the party’s back on track after last week’s washout. Nothing too crazy on Wednesday, but I expect it to come back to it’s full glory prior to the hiatus the party took about 2 months ago. Notables included former of 106 & Park host Free, Keyshia Cole (who was celebrating her birthday while in town on tour), the LOX’s Sheek Louch, actor Sticky Fingaz fresh off his gun charge, NFL Kev, NBA Los, Mr. Hefner, Neil (Stag Ent.), the lovely K-Starr, Tone Byrd, Keino, Chris Cakes, Hunger 4 More Ent. and Soundproof’s XL. That’s it for now. I’m going to do my best to have something early next week to recap the weekend. Until next time, see you in the clubs. Caesar Cipher – fcgnews@gmail.com This column is sponsored CJC Home Mortgage, your real estate financing expert. They specialize in providing real estate financing for first-time homebuyers, real estate investors, those with less than perfect credit and ‘off the books’ income. For more info., log onto: CJCHomeMortgage.com.


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