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The Top Bachelors of NYC Nightlife

Welcome to our 2005 edition of identifying the top bachelors of NYC nightlife. The list is short, but it represents handsome and leading men that have made a significant impact on the NYC nightlife scene. Our goal was to take a cross-section of folks who make nightlife run: from your favorite promoter to those less conspicuous who make things happen behind the scenes. The process of identifying these individuals was more than just looking attractive individuals in the scene. I’m sure some of you ladies familiar with the scene can think of a number of stunning males in the scene that are not on this list. An individual’s accomplishments and contributions to the scene were considered more so than the physical. And without further a due, we present NYC nightlife’s top bachelors.

Randy B; Promoter; Stand-Firm Entertainment CEO
At 6’2” tall it’s hard to miss this bachelor, and with a quiet charm all his own, you wouldn’t want to. And you certainly wouldn’t want to miss one of his parties. As CEO of one of NYC’s premier event planning companies, he and his team at Stand-Firm Ent. have been responsible for some of the city’s hottest nights for celebrities and party-goers alike. Try on for size the 2004 Vote or Die Party, 2005 Valentine’s Day Extravaganza featuring Morris Chestnut, Ciara’s Album Release Party or NY Giants' Carlos Emmons Birthday Party just to name a few. A former hoop star in his own right, Randy enjoys spending his free time with family and of course, playing basketball. He describes himself as personable, cool and laid back, and one to make things happen. Though passionate about his work as well as his personal life, above all, this gentleman loves to have fun and prefers a woman who loves to do the same. His ideal woman should be outgoing, funny, intelligent with great character and one who takes pride in her appearance.

Randy B.
Drew Campbell

Drew Campbell; Security; Remarkable Security CEO
If you’re looking for security, this bachelor with the body of an NFL player at 6'8', is your man! As President/CEO and owner of Remarkable Security, Drew has an impressive resume providing protection to NYC’s most renowned hotspots as well as a who’s who list of clientele including Janet Jackson, NSYNC, Q-Tip and Busta Rhymes among others. Though security is a top priority, this entrepreneur keeps busy at the helm of his marketing company, Remarkable, Inc., as well as his publishing company, MyLyricsHouse, which just published its first book entitled Brooklyn Jewelry Exchange. Though running his various ventures keeps him busy, Drew enjoys movies and playing pool in his free time. He finds a pretty smile and innocence very attractive in a woman. Though he appreciates a strong mind and independence, this bachelor admits that he has yet to figure out his ideal woman. Whoever she may be, we’re sure she’ll be in good hands.

R.V.; Promotions; Hpnotiq Assistant Director of Promotions
Though one of our youngest bachelors at 24, RV has the drive and tenacity well beyond his years and the track record to prove it. His stint with S.C.L.A.S.S. Ent. brought you some of the sexiest parties: Industry Tuesdays at Cheetah, Sex in the City at The City, Wednesdays at NV and Tuesdays at Lobby to name a few. No longer with S.C.L.A.S.S., RV’s main focus currently is Hpnotiq where he coordinates their many sponsored events, recruits models and performs various promotional tasks to ensure its brand success. Though promoting is fun, this Scorpio has a B.A. in Criminal Justice and would eventually like to pursue a career in law enforcement. A romantic at heart, RV describes himself as a people person but on the quiet side and family-oriented – he takes his father to the movies every Sunday. He enjoys traveling to new places and collecting cars. He prefers a woman who is strong-minded, independent and goal oriented. His ideal date would be a picnic on the beach at sunset or dinner at his favorite steakhouse, Smith and Wollensky.

DJ Self

DJ Self; DJ; Da Union
Though you may not know it, chances are if you’ve been to any NYC party worth attending, you’ve experienced the musical sounds of DJ Self. He is currently the hardest working DJ in showbiz – and the most low key. He sifts through the crowd quietly amongst the noise with the utmost humility, giving love to everyone from athletes to rappers to producers and the crowd alike. If it wasn’t for the turntables, you would almost never know he was there. With an electric smile, he’s almost mysterious, but not a nicer guy could you ever meet. DJ Self pokes all holes in the common adage that nice guys don’t go to clubs. Maybe they don’t – but they certainly play the music. Self says he found himself interested in music to make money and give people an outlet to experience some fun outside of all the seriousness and demands of everyday life. He recently parlayed his turntable skills in the clubs to his own Sirius satellite radio show (Sat. 10PM - 12AM, Channel 42). His hobbies include collecting DVDs, building with positive people and traveling. He is attracted to women who love music and love to enjoy life. His ideal woman would be of small to medium build, smart and understanding. Now who couldn’t understand a smile like that!

Credit: Julie Ane


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