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Hurricane Katrina: A Call to Action this Weekend by Fame Fortune

If you've been to any of the events that I host, you know that I was the first person on the mic to tell crowds to "represent your family from down south". Right now, we need to do more than just put our hands in the air. Hurricane Katrina has done an enormous and unimaginable amount of damage to the city of New Orleans and the states of Mississippi and Alabama. There's no way my conscience would've allowed me to host events this weekend knowing that 1,000 miles south of us there are people, OUR PEOPLE, suffering as a result of a natural disaster. I hope and pray that some of you may feel the same way. IT'S TIME TO "BE GROWN" NYC, so before we get into our Labor Day Weekend celebrations, let's not ignore the challenges that lie ahead for the people of that region. It may be your family, or your friend's family but I'm sure somebody knows someone down in that area, and they need OUR help.
This Friday, I have the opportunity to host two (2) events: White Shirt, Blue Jeans VI at Club Exit, and Electric Avenue at Eugene. I thank the promoters from both events for allowing me to do something more than keep the crowd hype. We need to give new meaning to the White Shirt, Blue Jeans theme. I think it would be a blessing to somebody in that region if we as grown men and women BRING AN EXTRA PAIR OF WHITE SHIRT AND BLUE JEANS to EXIT and EUGENE on Friday. That's right. In an attempt to aid in the relief effort, I'm asking that everyone who has a grown conscience...everyone who has watched the news this week...everyone who has read the papers this week....everyone who knows somebody that lives there...everyone who has every partied in New Orleans...BRING AN EXTRA PAIR OF WHITE SHIRT AND BLUE JEANS to help someone's family in that region. This isn't Iraq or Indonesia, this is DOWN SOUTH. If you're a baller, or you act like a baller, BRING SIX (VI) WHITE SHIRTS for the six years of this tremendous event at Exit. This will be my 4th year hosting this event, and I'm humbled by this opportunty to help elevate it to a more impactful level. If you're like me, and you have a mature conscience, then you know that this is the right thing...the GROWN thing to do. Thanks to the promoters on both events this Friday and special thanks to alltheparties.com for allowing me to bring this message to the people. This was unprecedented, but the gravity of the situation called for this spirit of cooperation. We don't have to look to Indonesia for an area that looks like a tsunami hit it; we don't have to look to Iraq to see buildings that looks like bombs went off; we don't have to look to the Middle East or even Africa to see people in dispair because its all DOWN SOUTH RIGHT NOW. I pray that God continues to bless all of us, and I hope that some (if not ALL) of us can find it in ourselves to take a few minutes to be of assistance to some of our own people. If you do this, I guarantee that the next time I call for you to wave your hands up, you can punch your fist with pride as you REPRESENT YOUR FAMILY FROM DOWN SOUTH! Fame Fortune, The Best Damn Host, Period!!!


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