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The White Wash on the West Side and The Crime Scene at BLVD

I’m glad to see that folks are looking forward to my entries. If you haven’t heard anything from me in a minute, I’ll get a few reminders from folks on email and in the streets asking what’s up with the articles. But there seem to be a 1001 things to do in a day and never enough time. It’s been about 3 weeks or so since my last entry and there have a few events in clubland worth mentioning. Since it’s been so long since I written about my journeys, instead of giving you a chronological account of where I’ve been, I’ll just mention about a few highlights that come to mind as I type away.
The first thing that comes to mind is the Patty Laurent’s All White Affair aboard the USS Intrepid. One word for it. WOW. The turnout and the event itself far exceeded my expectations. This event definitely qualifies as one of the top parties of the year for a number of reasons. (And I only have three other parties this year that are on this list….I’ll reveal the final list in December) First, the magnitude of the event. The ability to do a general public party aboard the Intrepid is an accomplishment in itself. It requires pretty deep pockets to even think about doing such an event. Second, everyone actually came in white. I can honestly say about 98% of folks in attendance including the 500 or so who didn’t make it in were in all white. How many of you have gone to all white affairs to see idiots who wear every other color but white? I include myself in this group for the only thing I had on white that night were my draws. But it was awesome to see 1000+ people dressed nicely in crisp white, both males and females. I do have to say though some of the guys were wearing some real country-ass outfits. I just can’t see the 10 button suit jacket that goes to your knees. Lastly, the event had a strong impact on the rest of the parties occurring that night. As the sea of white-clad bodies flooded the West Side Highway at 46th St. it became clear after 1AM that they would not gain access to the boat per orders of the NYFD. Yes, the fire marshals shut down the venue. As a result, other parties around the city suddenly had their own all-white affairs as Intrepid rejects funneled their way in. I have to admit, I thought things were a bit shaky there for a second when I started seeing 50 different promoters selling tickets for the event whom I thought had nothing to do with the event. Usually that’s a sign that tickets were not moving as fast as expected. But at the end of the day, Patty and her newly minted X-Factah cohorts formerly known as the CRN Group, were able to rule the evening. The Eclectic Group, has shown great resiliency over these last few weeks with the introduction of their Wednesday night party at Show and their Friday night party at BLVD. They’ve reminded the nightlife community why they’ve been top tier promoters in this city for the last 5+ years. The grand opening at Show a few Wednesdays back featured performances from Maino and the legendary Slick Rick. I have to say, I didn’t quite understand the combination of these artists; in Slick Rick you have your old school, early 90’s rapper which attracts an older crowd who wants to reminisce about their high-school days. In Maino, you have today’s, bang-bang shoot ‘em up drug dealer/rapper appealing to folks who participate in such activities or fantasize about doing so. I guess there was something for everyone. Other notables who had come through during the last few Wednesdays include Allen Iverson, former Knick great Patrick Ewing and Young Jeezy. The premier of Fridays at BLVD featured surprise performances from lyrically gifted rapper Jae Mills and hip-hop violinist Miri-Ben Ari. However, the ultimate highlight of the party had to be this past Friday as the Destiny’s Child tour concert after party made it’s way into the venue. I anticipated a busy night here, but when I arrived at 1:30, I was in awe. The doors were shut and the block looked more like a crime scene than a party at capacity. NYPD uniforms and plain clothes officers were crawling all over BLVD’s entrance complete with the yellow crime scene tape around the perimeter preventing anyone from approaching the door to do their name-dropping routine to try to gain admittance. Between this and the 100-150 or so folks waiting outside the tape, all that was missing was a body on the sidewalk. Nonetheless, the party is becoming a force to be reckoned with on an already crowded evening of Friday parties. Now that Eclectic Group affiliate AJ Calloway is off 106 & Park, does that mean he’ll have more time to come to the parties? A few Thursdays ago, I stopped by Joe’s Pub to check out a cool monthly affair titled DJ Scratch’s Lounge. It’s one of those ode-to-real-music parties featuring X-Factah’s DJ Scratch and DJ Commish and provides a quick escape from going to parties where the DJ plays the same 10 songs. D-Nice, DJ Peter Parker and J Record’s Rob Love were in the building to enjoy the festivities. During the event, I had a brief conversation with a few of the DJs who had expressed their displeasure in being badgered by record label reps during their sets to play their music. It appears DJs true to the artistry play what they feel and what the crowd feels at parties, and not use them as record label commercials. I don’t know when the next installment will be since DJ Scratch is currently on the Anger Management Tour with 50 Cent & Co. but it’s definitely something different to keep your ears open for. I’ve recently been noticing a good number of celebs sliding through Lobby on Tuesdays (Stag Ent., n3P Media) on the humble unannounced. Folks such Brandy, Jadakiss, Carmelo Anthony and Quentin Richardson to name a few. What killed me was the Young Jeezy appearance a few weeks back on the same night he had a heavily promoted “listening party” at 58 across town. Ouch…. Keep up the good work fellas. Final random thought: Lil’ Kim was celebrating her birthday at BLVD a few weeks ago soon after her year and a day sentence was handed down to her. Before I found out she was celebrating her b-day, I was thinking, wait, you’re supposed to celebrate Puffy style after getting off, not after getting convicted. But then again, maybe the fact her sentence was as light as it was versus what it could have been, might have been reason to celebrate itself. I think Kim got a raw deal; a real life example of what Dave Chappelle would call When Keepin’ It Real Goes Wrong. Here she was lying on the stand to protect her peoples and she winds up getting locked up with her people testifying against her. Since the trial, I’ve seen a lot cats in the clubs with these “Stop Snitching” T-shirts as if in response to Capone and Lil’ Cease’s testimony against Kim. But let’s face it, how many of you would catch a case and face jail time in favor of telling the truth on the stand? Freedom for some is taken for granted until it is threatened….. Check the site to look for any interesting upcoming events. I apologize if this entry was not as robust as you think it should be, but I’ll do my best to get back on track. Or you may favor this style vs. what I’ve done in the past. Either way let me know at my email, fcgnews@gmail.com. That’s enough for now. Until next time, I’ll see you in the clubs.


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