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Our Official Fashion Guide for Fall 2005

I know what you’re thinking, a Fall Fashion Guide in the middle of summer! However, fall is closer than you think and for true fashionistas who enjoy staying ahead, this guide is timed perfectly for you to fall into the must have items for the season.
This season, clothing and accessories embody the spirit of true sophistication and art. Several designers have used seventeenth-century Flemish art to inspire their creations, resulting in a bevy of fun items that will make all heads turn when you arrive at the clubs. There are several strong key pieces for this season, but there is still room to add your own personal flare. Whether you enjoy white shirts or stylish jeans, this season has something for you. From shoes to handbags, this guide will cover the ultimate items for the season.
White shirt by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel; $1,250

Before you head out to the clubs, make sure you have this season’s key piece, a white shirt. Designers are dressing up the basic white shirt by adding ruffles, lace and embroidery. The key to finding the right shirt is to look for shirts that have great detail such as wide lapels, asymmetric cuts or words printed in various places. The white shirt is a must have item and can be worn with slim tailored trousers or your favorite pair of jeans. One of my favorite white shirts for the season is Karl Lagerfeld’s ruffled shirt. Although a bit pricey at $1,250.00, it’s a great example of what to look for when buying a white shirt. Whatever you decide, use some of the season’s great accessories to add color and style.

This season, we are seeing a return of the new classics. Classic items from the past have been updated and improved to create a timeless fashion look that works well in the evening. For buys you will not regret, purchase full shirts, tweed skirts and jackets and easy-to-wear fitted turtlenecks to keep you looking your best.

If you don’t think that jeans are appropriate the evening, think again. Jeans have taken a new twist this season and many designers have added lavish details such as beads and embroidery. Seven for all Mankind got it right with their boot-cut embroidery jeans. If you are a fan of their crystal-embellished jeans, you will definitely fall in love with these. The jeans will retail for $700.00, however, other designers will make similar jeans at several lower price points! Shop around and find the perfect pair that fit your lifestyle and budget.

Ana Sui leather boot; $495

When it comes to shoes, think round. Round toe boots and pumps are hotter then ever. Whether you like snakeskin, sling backs or ballerina flats, this season offers a lot to choose from. This Fall, the hottest boots have shearling trim, rich suede and high end skins such as crocodile. If you can only buy one pair of boots for the season, it has to be a pair of stacked heel boots! Stacked heel boots are grown-up, high fashion and can be worn with everything from your fitted suit to your fitted jeans. There are so many great versions of this style; it’s easy to find one that works for you. Another strong trend for the season is high heel loafers. The school girl classic has been updated and is appearing on all the major runway shows in Europe. Look for cool versions in leather and suede.

With our country currently at war, it’s not surprising that we are seeing a strong military influence on fashion. The military touches are popping up on jackets, coats and suits. The nice structured details make every body type look more appealing and add a certain element of “bad girl.” The secret to wearing this look is not to wear too much together. Remember, you are going to the clubs and not off to war!

Ebony cuff bracelet by Antonia Miletto

While on the topic of war, we are also seeing a return to black. Color is still around, but black is the key color for the season. If you love color as I do, you can still find ways to incorporate color into your wardrobe. Items such as handbags, belts, earrings and bangles are still great ways to brighten up your clubbing attire.

The cinch waist is back! With so many great belts to choose from, buying one is almost impossible! Buy several belts and wear them on top of your knits, dresses and coats. Belts are an inexpensive ways to enhance any outfit. The season’s best belts are wide and can be found in gold mesh, different color jewels and fine leather. My favorite for the season is Chanel’s jeweled Byzantine belt.

Chanel jeweled Byzantine belt; $1,750
Suede bag with gold studs by Maxx New York; $465

Accessories are always a sure way to enhance any outfit. The great thing about this season is that we are seeing a return of great pieces that we already own. However, if you aren’t sure of what to wear, look for dangly earrings, wood accessories with gold and amber-color beads, tiger’s eye pieces and necklaces and rings with a monastic inspiration. The “it” bags for Fall are quilted, have lots of hardware and bold details such as chain straps and charms, and can be found in various colors and fabrics.

No look is complete without the right make-up. For the Fall, purple eye shadow is a must have! Whether you like matte or cream shadows, purple is a great color because it works with all skin tones and can be worn day or night. Use a darker shade of purple for night to give eyes a dramatic look.

whitegirleyes.jpgMakeup by MAC Cosmetics
rings-2.jpgWood and jewled rings by Antonia Miletto

This Fall, you will find lots of strong trends that will allow you to develop your personal style and stay fashionable. Other strong trends making a comeback for this season are boho dresses, opaque tights, fur scarves, ballooning bubble skirts, slouchy sweaters and fabrics such as velvet.

Fashion guides are fun but they are most useful when you know what works best for you. Use this guide to find key pieces that will transform you into a true fashionista, turn heads and let people say “Wow.”!

Ciao for now Bella,
N. A. Andrews


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