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Dimes & Dons: King Matthew

Welcome to another edition of Dimes & Dons where we have pictoral features of some of nightlife’s most beautiful personalities. This week we caught up with entertainment entrepreneur King Matthew at BLVD. We will be adding one picture a day for the next 7 days so be sure to come back and check for the daily goodies. Special thanks to him and the staff at BLVD including promotional director Kenaar Nelson.
Subject: King Matthew Venue: BLVD Photographer: David Paul Most of you might have seen this handsome gentleman at some of your favorite NYC nighttime spots. Noticed for his solid 6’5” frame, positive presence and trendsetting unique style, friends have given him the moniker “Superfly” since some refer to him as “The Flyest Dude in the Streets.” Matthew prides himself on remaining much of a mystery to folks. It’s part of the reason why he wears his trademark ‘Godfather’ derby hats all over town. After much prying, he revealed that the tattoo on the left side of his neck reads, “God Loves You” spelled backward, which appears to him spelled correctly when he looks in the mirror. A Brooklyn resident by way of Hempstead, Long Island, King has a vast amount of experience across many aspects of the entertainment industry including modeling in a number of urban magazines, acting (including Broadway, a few commercials and most recently on Law & Order), film and music production. Matt would like to make it clear however, that he has never participated in adult entertainment, a question he is often asked. King Matthew has parlayed his experiences and learned skill set from his BA degree in entertainment marketing at Youngstown State University (Youngstown, OH), to become an entertainment marketing consultant. His services include developing new and innovative ideas for artists and entertainers in an effort to create a strong demand amongst industry executives as well as the general public. King’s long term goals include his pursuit of becoming a social activist. He aspires to lead our generation towards the Financial Independence Movement based upon the philosophy of BYOB or Be Your Own Boss. He feels this will be our culture’s next major movement similar to the Civil Rights Movement and the abolition of slavery. So the next time you see King Matthew out, you’ll know there’s more to him than just the ‘good looking guy with the hats.’ Favorite DJ: Da Union: (DJ Self, DJ Snatch 1 and DJ Will) Favorite Promoter/Event Planner: Many show him love, so he doesn’t want to alienate anyone. Turn-Ons: People with positive energy. Contact: You can reach Matthew at mrkingmatthew@yahoo.com.


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