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In the Booth with DJ Commish - Mid July 05 Edition

Welcome to the booth of the Commander-In-Chief, DJ Commish. Every two weeks or so, I'll be giving you the rundown of whose music is running NYC's club scene. Check out the top five NYC club-bangers that will guarantee to throw the party into a frenzy as soon as I throw these records on the table.
5. 50 Cent - A Lil' Bit - G-Unit/Interscope: It doesn't matter what club you go to, someone will think they can belly dance when they hear this one. Stop It!! It's not a good look. You can't belly dance. You're drunk with no rhythm. Be yourself!! 4. Damien Marley – Welcome to Jamroc – Tuff Gong: It's OK to pull that secret stash of herbs and light it up to this one. Don't forget to pass it to me!! 3. Tony Yayo - So Seductive - G-Unit/Interscope: This record is huge in the urban market. However, in the mainstream clubs, when this records comes on, it's time to go to the bar. Tell me mainstreamers, what is it about this record that you don't like? 2. Ying Yang Twinz - Wait (The Whisper Song) - TVT/Universal: Women love this record. But ask yourselves ladies, what if that guy you're dancing with whispered in your ear something like, "Wait till you see my d***"? 1. Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl - Interscope: It's rare that a mainstream artist can crossover to the urban market. You can find DJs playing this record from Marquee to Club Speed. (Yes, Speed!!!) That sounds crazy!!! You got something to say to me? Get at me at djcommish@djcommish.com or log onto www.djcommish.com. Until next time, see you at the spot!!


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