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Fashionista of The Week - Tashara Jones

Fashionista: Tashara Jones
Residence: Brooklyn, NY
Occupation: Graduate School Student
Friday Night Lights @ BLVD
; July 15, 2005
Promoter: Eclectic Group
If you were not at BLVD on Friday night, you were at the wrong club! The beautiful and trendy people of New York City were dancing and having a great time as DJ Goldfinger mixed hip-pop, R&B and reggae that had the whole club jumping. However, if you thought you heard it all, you could head downstairs and hear battle rapper Jae Mills spit a few bars from his upcoming album “Back to the Future”. The crowd was definitely enjoying Mills; everyone was nodding their heads and tapping their feet to his hot beats and catchy lyrics. Even though the club was packed, it didn’t take me long to spot my Fashionista of the Week, Tashara Jones.
Tashara, a Brooklyn native, was displaying a unique blend of urban and creative fashion. While chatting with Miss Jones, we spoke about why she describes her style as street chic, the influence of music on fashion, and why being a size zero can sometimes limit your fashion choices. Tonight, Tashara is wearing a NYPD T-shirt that she designed herself, Diesel Jeans, Steven Madden pumps, a Fendi handbag and a belt and other accessories from H&M.
Designer Credits: Diesel Jeans; NYPD T-shirt; Steven Madden pumps; H&M belt and accessories; Fendi handbag.

Our street chic fashionista enjoys adopting current styles from fashion magazines and adding a touch of street flare. According to Tashara, fashion trickles up but it also trickles down; therefore she enjoys being right in the middle creating distinctive looks that have personality and versatility. She explained that urban culture plays a major role in fashion and is often overlooked for their contribution to the industry’s trends. Thus, she translates her passion for New York City, music and the arts to create a fusion of fashion ensemble.

Although she is not influenced by anyone in particular, nor has a fashion icon, Tashara believes that fashion and music go hand in hand. She loves to watch music videos to see what different artists are wearing for what she believes will be the next big fashion trend in the clubs. “If it’s in the videos, it will be in the clubs next.” Tashara claims. Thus she feels having a keen eye for fashion is imperative since it allows her to transform the styles seen on TV and make them her own.

Miss Jones also shared that being a size zero can sometimes be a little challenging. She embraces her small frame and creates one-of-a-kind items such as the T-shirt she is wearing by making alterations that will display her best assets. When it comes to stores and fashion brands, she likes bebe, Diesel and BCBG because they cater to smaller women and she is always able to find her size. Our fashionista enjoys shopping in a wide array of stores including Banana Republic, H&M and Zara.

Tashara is definitely on point. She has a keen scene of style and isn’t afraid to add different surrounding elements to take her look to the next level. Fashion isn’t always black and white. Find your inspiration in art, music or even different eras in time. The simple things you often overlook in your daily life can help you become a true fashionista. So if you want to learn more about being street chic from Tashara or want to party with beautiful people, head to BLVD where the party is guaranteed to be on fire!

AllTheParties will be highlighting another fashion forward fashionista soon at another undisclosed venue. Therefore, to all my fashionistas out there, keep looking fabulous because you never know when I may be approaching you!

Ciao Bella,
N. A. Andrews



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