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4th of July Wrap-Up: Sex in the Champange Room?

Happy belated 4th everyone! And indeed it was a happy 4th weekend for many us in club land. These 3 day weekends give clubs the opportunity to have an additional day of partying. Ah, those one-off Sunday holiday parties tend to ones to remember and this weekend was no exception. Let’s recap the weekend and talk about the big winners:
Blush-N Ent.Helen aka Miss Vikki aka whatever new alias is assigned to her each week, had two successful nights starting with her Friday night staple at The Supper Club. Jam packed as usual including notables such as LB the Mayor. Killa Cam came breezed by to promote his July 4th pool party. By looking at the picture of him, he had the right idea of sitting in the passenger’s seat. Apparently he was arrested uptown a few days later for driving with a suspended license. Pushing a Lamborghini through Harlem isn’t exactly best way to avoid being pulled over, but he probably doesn’t care, so why should we? Back to the party, I did have one qualm with the party. MTV hostess Amanda Diva was on the mic “ODing” with her chants/shouts to the point it got pretty annoying. Before I knew it was her, I kept looking from afar and saying to myself, “Who is that on the mic?” Just bring it down a notch or two next time sweetie…… Anyhow, Blush-N followed up with a spectacular fashion show at Lobby (Independence of Style) that Sunday night. I know Helen & Co. put in a ton of effort putting the show together, so I’m glad it turned out to be a success. Congrats ladies. S.C.L.A.S.S. Ent. – Major star power was in the building as promised at The City on Saturday night. It was the most packed I’ve ever seen it. I don’t even think it was this crazy when Mariah Carey and Jay-Z came through. The body heat was so hot in the room, that I could only stand it for a few moments, I had to bail out. But with Amerie, Elephant Man, Slim Thug and Memphis Bleek coming through back-to-back-to-back-to-back, it was easy to predict the outcome to this one. Showcase Ent. – These guys had Supper Club on smash Saturday with their Skirts and Polo Shirts Affair, and then contributed to the madhouse at BLVD the following evening, but more on that a bit later. I don’t remember all the notables for Saturday’s affair but I do recall Zab Judah and former NY Knick, Anthony Mason and the ladies of Blush-N Ent. Live on 5th GroupHarper and Co. made quick work of turning their Sucker-Free Concert after party at Kahn on Saturday into a success with less than five days notice. ATL rappers Da Back Wudz were in the building marinating after their performance. Judging from the pics, it looks like the Live fellas set an attendance record at Kahn. By the way fellas, how’s the after work Thrusday event at Maya Lounge coming along? The biggest winner of the weekend has to be everyone who contributed to the madhouse at BLVD Sunday night. This definitely qualified as one of the parties of the year. To start with, BLVD is hardly an easy place to fill with its large floor space between the two levels. The top floor alone probably holds approximately anywhere between 700-800 people. The top floor was packed. It would’ve taken you about 5 minutes to walk from the front to the back wall of the venue which when empty should take you about 30 seconds. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ve all been to packed parties, what made this one so special you ask? Ladies and gents, a new standard has been set in NYC nightlife. It’s called the CHAMPANGE ROOM. For those whom were privileged enough to make it back to the all white furnished room were in for a treat. As I was hanging out with Suave from Nitelife Ent., Neil (Stag Ent.) comes by and asks me if I had my pocket camera with me. I told him it’s like my AMEX card, I don’t leave home without it. He told me to hold tight, there’s something I need to get. If anyone knows Neil, he doesn’t excite easily, and he’s never asked me if I had my camera, so I knew something “different” was going to happen. Well after waiting anxiously for about 10 min. that something different came out in the form of two dancers. I thought OK cool everybody’s had dancers in their parties. But I usually recognize all the club dancers and I’ve never seen these ladies before, so I figured they were exotic dancers. OK cool, they’re just going to do a few booty claps and call it a day, so I took a few shots. Then the tops came off. Then the bottoms followed. As I sat there a bit shocked, the two dancers proceeded to things to each other that you would expect to see at a bachelor party. No need for graphic details, you get the point. I expected the ladies in the room to have been appalled by the new found bachelor party and would have proceeded to leave. Instead they seemed to enjoy it just as much, if not more than the fellas, gathering around the ladies and tipping. And trust me, I don’t think I was in a room full of lesbians. The show lasted about 20 minutes and if they had about another 10 minutes, I think some the ladies might have joined the dancers in their nudity. But it was best the show went on at the very end of the party, because if this had gone on throughout the party, those ladies wouldn’t have made it out of there; the general population outside would’ve rushed the champagne room and that would’ve been all she wrote. Kudos to all involved for doing something different. A new standard for the VIP area has been established. The dancers could’ve looked a bit better, but who’s concentrating on faces when T&A is all over the place? I normally don’t get into listing everyone who did which party, but I figure you guys are better served than me mentioning notables since I missed most of them - me being tied up in the Champagne room and all. Kenaar(n3PMedia) would like to pat his back for quarterbacking the event by gathering everyone together and working with folks he’s been competing against for years. Well, he is the promotional director at BLVD, so nothing goes down in the venue without his knowledge. (By the way, he’s doing a good job in there with the new Thurs., Fri. and Sat. parties he’s booked in there.) Other major players in Sunday night’s madhouse included (Stag Ent., Nitelife, Showcase, Jinglin’ Baby, Haciano and Keino & Tone Byrd.) What probably prevented this from becoming a weekly affair was the block party that occurred after the event. All that was missing were a few BBQ grills and an open fire hydrant. But seriously, the let-out was reminiscent of The Tunnel in the mid 90’s when the entire block on 27th St. leading to the West Side Highway was littered with people. You had people, (myself included), who would go to The Tunnel to hang outside with no intentions of going in. This might have been cool then, but we can’t do that anymore. Such actions translate to fines out the wazoo for the club and deters them from doing future urban parties. So folks: no more block parties at 4AM – Go Home. Another fabulous party I attended last week was DJ Cassidy’s birthday party at Butter. For those not familiar with him, he plays many celebrity parties, including numerous Puffy parties in the past. If you wonder why you’ve never heard of this place or want to know when the next event is going on there, forget it, you won’t get in. This is one of the most exclusive venues in the city most folks don’t know about. I know a number of mainstream promoters who have problems making it in. Not to sound like Gwen Stefani, but the place was bananas. MC Frank Jugga was on the mic (they don’t call him The Celebrity’s Choice for nothing) doing what he does along with DJs Q-Tip and D-Nice. Notables in the building included Tyson Beckford, music exec Andre Harrell and Fonzworth Bentley. An MTV film crew was also on hand getting coverage, probably for some new reality show. This past Sat. night was busy as I first breezed by Temple for LA Laker Lamar Odom’s Celebrity Charity Basketball game Afterparty. Notables included the Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade, radio personality Ed Lover, And 1 baller Escalade, Suga J, R&B artist Tank, Toronto Raptor Rafer “Skip” Alston, model Liris Crosse, and J Record’s Rob Love. I then attempted to check out Rich P.’s (D.B.O.) party at The Supper Club only to be turned away from the block by the police. The block was shut down, barricades up in the middle of the street, and the metal gates were halfway down, but yet a party was still going on inside. From the appearance of the scene, it looked like there was either a shooting, or it was too crazy on the block. Fortunately it was the latter. I don’t remember the last time a party had shut down The Supper Club’s block in recent history. And being that this is in the middle of Times Square, this is no easy feat. I didn’t know much about the cats doing this event beforehand, so I guess this was their coming out party, literally. Congrats fellas, you have officially arrived. I ended Saturday evening at BLVD where The Soleil Group had a great looking, true professional crowd. I ran into Kenaar(n3PMedia) where we enjoyed the scene and commented on how we never see the quality of women in the building anywhere else. I think I have the answer: they were probably mostly corporate women who have real jobs, no let me correct myself, careers, whom have much more important things to worry about than partying with us on Tuesdays and Wednesdays like they don’t have anywhere to be the next morning. Notables included Bryce Wilson, Anton Marchand and Keenan (mihVentures). Random Final Thought: Can someone tell me exactly who or what is BMF and Blu Davinci and what do they do? I’m seeing these cats show up on flyers, hosting parties every 5 minutes and I don’t know what they do. Are they rappers? Producers? Music execs? Graduated hustlas? All of the above? Well by looking at the house around Blu’s neck otherwise known as his chain, you can see they’re doing something right. Someone get at me so we can do interview or something because I’m sure I don’t stand alone on this. That’s enough from me today, I’m outta here. I can be reached at fcgnews@gmail.com. Until then, I’ll see you in the clubs.


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