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Duvet Afterwork, the BLVD and Insanity at Strata

My weekend journey began last Friday and I decided to check out a mainstream party over at Gypsy Tea, which is located next door to Eugene’s. I slid in there after determining the door was a bit too hectic at the neighbors.
I usually don’t expect to see any of my urban counterparts at parties such as these, but lo and behold, I run into R.V. and Hollywood Chuck hanging out with some beauties. In a pleasantly surprising statement, R.V. had later informed me that he will be joining the team there to promote on Fridays in a few weeks. Much congrats to him and I wish him the best of luck as he steps into the world of true mainstream parties. Between this and his contributions to Tuesdays at Lobby, he’s proving to be quite versatile. On a more serious note, last Saturday, S.C.L.A.S.S. Ent.'s Polo had informed me that on his way home from NV last Wednesday evening (Get Money Wednesdays at NV), he had gotten into a car accident which resulted in his vehicle flipping over 3 times and consequentially was totaled. Fortunately besides a few bumps and bruises he’s OK. Like a trooper, he was working the door at The City last Saturday fresh from the hospital. So for those who know him, give him a shout to see how he’s doing. Last Saturday night concluded at Etoile where Nitelife Ent.’s Bigga was celebrating his birthday with a bunch of friends and nightlife industry folks who came through to show love. Notables included, Young Gavin, X-Factah’s Patty Laurent, DJ Self, R.V., Neil (Stag Ent.), Keino, Tone Byrd, Steve and DJ Trauma (Platinum Pros.) among others. I got an email last week announcing that veteran promoter Kenaar (n3P Media) has been named event planner/coordinator at BLVD. Congrats…this would definitely qualify as a candidate for “Power Move of the Week”. But he will have a tough task ahead….BLVD is a rather large venue and they’ve been having problems getting folks in there for quite some time now….I’m sure Kenaar will have things in store for us in the near future. I wish you the best of luck…. Fast forward to Wednesday where I popped into the after work shindig at Duvet (Black Diamonds) which was a great look with a mature crowd and music to match. I did not get a chance to catch who the DJ was, but the mix of hip-hop and classics was great. Not to mention the venue’s bed – themed layout and décor is superb. Notables included Philadelphia Eagles linebacker, Dhani Jones (What’s going on with T.O. anyway?), Ovington Prophet (The Candy Store), John Vasquez (The JV Group), Brandon (Direct Impulse), NFL Kev and Mic Geronimo. After speaking with Derek Corley, he mentioned he’s working to extend the evening into late night as well. If he’s able to accomplish the daunting task of maintaining the same crowd quality into the late night, this will be a winner. But whether the extended version of Duvet goes down or not, expect 21st St. to hot this summer on Wednesdays as Jessica Rosenblum is holding her weekly late night affair directly across the street at Taj as certain patrons will make the migration. Notice I said certain….Jeff, the doorman runs a pretty tight door when it comes to guys, so fellas don’t bother if he doesn’t know you, which basically means that if you don’t sing, dance, rap, act or in some other odd way not connected the music/entertainment/sports industries, it’s not happening for you fellas. Let’s fast forward again to Sunday night when I stopped by R.V.’s Hpnotiq Party over at Strata. As I approached the door around 1:45AM, the scene outside gave me flashbacks of Sundays at The Tunnel way back when (for those old enough to remember). It was a mob scene outside and if someone didn’t know better, it could have easily been mistaken for a Saturday night. If I were to sum it up in one word it would be insane. Insane that there were almost just as many people outside as there were inside….insane that I actually waited outside an hour to get in….insane that folks were partying like rock stars inside well past 4AM…..insane that beautiful ladies had waited on line for hours to get in…..insane that NBA rookie sensation J.R. Smith while trying to finagle his way in resorted to waiting at the back of the line…..insane that R.V. & Co. were charging guys $100 at the door and they were paying…..Nonetheless, the event can definitely be given consideration as one of the best parties of the year along with John Vasquez/Chuck Bone’s B-Day Bash two months earlier down the street at Duvet. The notables were countless, but here’s whom I recall: Freeway, Memphis Bleek, Big Drew, DJ Jazzy Joyce, Fritz Q and Simeon (3 Stoogez), Nick Storm and Elaine (Hpnotiq), John Vasquez, Neil and Rob (Stag Ent.), Napoleon, Escalade (And 1), Skip to my Lou Rafer Alston (Toronto Raptors), Omar Cook, Huddy 6, members from BMF Ent., Suga J., Helen (Blush-N Ent.), Richey Rich, Young Gavin, Steve (Platinum Pros.), NFL Kev, Hollywood Chuck, Randy B. (Stand Firm Ent.), Mic Geronimo, Alan aka Mr. TV and model Gianni. Unfortunately such a good time came with consequences. As a result of the madness going on outside, Strata received a number of citations, causing the cancellation of a number of future urban events slated to take place there in the near future. For those of you not in the nightlife business, venues get heavy fines when crowds linger outside clubs in an unorderly fashion like they did Sunday. When such things occur it becomes hard for a venue to justify holding urban events in their facility. Anyone in this game knows how hard it is to get nice venues for urban events and when we give urban-friendly venues such as Strata a hard time, it just magnifies the problem. Especially since one of our own, Alicia, is in a decision making position. Thus it’s important to take heed to the bouncers when they tell you ‘clear the front’ or ‘step down the block’. Enough of my social commentary, as always I can be reached at fcgnews@gmail.com. Feel free to hit me with news, comments, hate mail, etc. Until then…see you in the clubs…..


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