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Dame Dash, the Frontline, and the Debacle on 16th St.

I know it’s been a minute since you heard from me folks. In fact, I’ve been getting a few emails telling me I need to update this more often. Well, I’m building up the manpower right now, so please be patient with me.
I’ll start my chronicles on Friday where Rolling Stone Magazine Trend and Fashion editor slash promoter Kenny Mac (Direct Impulse) celebrated his b-day down at Canal Room to kick off their new weekly affair. See Can the Real Kenny McAlister Please Stand Up? Revelers were equally in attendance to help Kenny Mac’s girlfriend and publicist Nicole Marzan celebrate her new position at the powerhouse boutique PR firm, 5W. D-Nice was on the turntables tearing it down. (Speaking of D-Nice, he’s one of the hottest DJs on the scene right now….his versatility is amazing. He’s also filling a great void that a good number folks over 25 years old or so, don’t want to hear Top 40 hip-hop all night. I go to some of these parties and I get my brains bashed in with 50 Cent and all this ‘ATL Crunk Music’. Some of these songs I don’t even like, but yet I know the words. It seems like I hear him spinning somewhere almost every night when only a few months ago he would spin just here and there. Keep doing your thing playa.) Though I don’t think D-Nice will be spinning here every week, this weekly should be a great diverse party if that’s your flavor. Kudos to veteran mainstream promoter, Charles Semanas for putting the deal together. Notables other than mentioned in the prior article include DJ Red Alert and GFC Ent.'s LJ. Saturday, I stopped by The City (S.C.L.A.S.S.) where Dame Dash was in the building celebrating the release of his latest movie, Death of a Dynasty. Mr. Dash decided to emcee the party for 2 plus hours in his true brazen, ‘paperholic’ Harlem style. As Funkmaster Flex played each tune, Dame would tell you what each artist was doing business wise and which car, plane or 3rd world country they just purchased. By the way, I just read that one of my favorite groups under his tutelage, M.O.P. have left the Rocafella/Dame Dash Music Group. Check the article. Fast forward to Monday where I checked out the Coral Room for my weekly dosage of 9fingerzinc events. He’s lasted a bit longer than what I think most people expected, and now it’s at the point of great consistency. The prior Monday they had Jadakiss stop by unannounced and this week’s notables included Toronto Raptor, ‘Skip to my Lou’ Rafer Alston, And 1 streetballer Escalade, Def Jam’s Mook Diamond, NFL Kev, Spliff Star and a number NY Jets. From here I slid around to corner to Quo (Black Diamonds, Hitlist Ent.) to check out there weekly. I like the crowd here which always looks good…(I think I have a fetish for Latin women) but I would like to see a bit more consistency. Some nights I’ll go and the large room will be pretty busy and other nights will be just 50 or so folks in the back room only. Monday night was the latter as notables included adult star Heather Hunter, and Alicia Simms (Metronome Group). From there Alicia and I headed downtown to Easy Money Ent.'s new Monday party at 49 Grove where DJ Mary Mack was laying down rare grooves similar to what you would hear D-Nice spin. Once the numbers improve here, it could be a sexy look given the intimacy of the venue. But please, please keep the music as is………. On Tuesday night, as Puffy and friends were celebrating his new deal with Warner Bros. Records inside Glo, (see photos here), I got caught up in the debacle on 16th St. outside. But I guess that’s what I get for trying to be cool and showing up at a Puffy party at 1AM along with the rest of the industry and/or psuedo-industry. As we stood around the barricade in the middle of the street, which included a good number of notables, we all did the standard ‘I’m gonna wait and see if I see someone who can get me in routine’. But I knew there was little chance of success of entry when folks like The Black Eyed Peas didn't make it in, and Chuck Bone was outside for a while before he made it in. Apparently Puffy wasn’t too happy with the venue and their door policy for he came to the door himself and berated the doorgirl. Meanwhile I heard the venue was nowhere near capacity of about 1,500. Sources had later told me that the management has racist tendencies so I figured they weren’t too thrilled to have too many folks of color in their venue. They’re making good money over there now so they’re not pressed for your money. I predict they’ll be ready for your money in about a year once they wear our their welcome with mainstream promoters. Special thanks to Hpnotiq’s RV and Nick Storm. (We had a bit of a SNAFU there, but it’s all good…) A big special thanks to Bad Boy’s Shawn Prez. Last night’s trifecta started at Quo for Kimora Lee Simmons’ B-Day Bash (Black Diamonds - see pics here). I actually expected the crowd to be a bit more exclusive, but the place was packed and packed early. There were also a number of good looking women in the building which is becoming a staple at Black Diamonds affairs nowadays. I decided to skate before most of notables you see in the pics came through, so I saw NFL Kev and we went down to 58 Wednesdays (Rich Kid, Steph Lova) where Frontline Marketing beauty, Aria Wright was celebrating her birthday with friends and loved ones. I love the maturity of this crowd. Notables in the building included Aria’s partner Sincere, X-Fachah's Patty Laurent, Metronome Group’s Alicia Simms, Jameel Spenser (BlueFlame Marketing) and Stand Firm’s Randy B. My evening ended at NV (S.C.L.A.S.S., Jinglin' Baby) where Jim Jones and some of his Dipset cohorts were in the building celebrating the release of his latest album. Judging from the line of ladies outside waiting to get in, the ladies love the Dipset. Usually, you see a line of the opposite sex. Other notables included 9fingerzinc's Madame Miska, Promo and Hollywood Chuck. Well, this should be enough to satisfy you for now. I promise you we have more items in store. It seems like I tell you this all the time, but hey, these things take time. I’ll talk to you again next week and as always I offer my email address for contributions, news, hate mail, shout outs etc., fcgnews@gmail.com. Until next time, see you in the clubs…..


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