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Big O's B-Day and the End of an Era at NV

Stopped into Eugenes on Friday to check out Stag Ent. & Co.’s weekly affair. After a year and change this party is still one of the most consistent parties in town. Notables included boxer Zab Judah. For those of you going to Cancun this weekend, expect to see a good number of folks there that frequent this party.
Saturday night, I went by Lot 61 where Big O Hamilton was celebrating his b-day (Soleil Group). The crowd was hands down the best looking crowd I’ve seen in months. It’s predominantly buppie (Black Urban Professional) crowd with a high quality and caliber of attractive women. I got there pretty late so I missed the peak of the party, but some folks were there rocking till 4AM. I was just upset I got there so late. My weekend ended last night at NV as folks turned out in droves to celebrate their last rites for the clubs final party before shutting their doors for good. Many of your favorite DJs came through to bless the turntables one last time. A lot of history was made in here. Most of the major promoters that have been in this game over the last 10 years have done a party in here. Expect this week to be light as most folks are preparing to getaway for the holiday weekend. The two most spoken about getaways are Cancun and Miami. As for the parties in Cancun the two largest parties each night will take place at Daddy O’s and The City, so you shouldn’t go wrong at any of the two places. If you’re in Miami you may want to check out Crobar, Onda and Sobe Live on any of the evenings this weekend. As always, I can be reached at fcgnews@gmail.com. Be safe in your travels this weekend and I’ll see you in the clubs…..


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