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Biz Briefs

People are talking about....

What's good with the shootout at Hot 97 and the 50 Cent and The Game beef? For those of you who might have been living under a rock the last few days, reports have it that 50 was on Funkmaster Flex's radio show on Hot 97 (WQHT) this past Monday and kicked The Game out of the G-Unit. Apparently after that some folks from The Game's clique came down to the station and had a run in with some of 50's folks which left a gentleman shot in the leg. This seems mighty convenient to occur on the eve of 50's latest album release, "The Massacre". Who knows, while folks like me are writing about it and hence giving both rappers great PR (public relations), Jimmy Iovine (Interscope Records Chairman, parent of G-Unit Records) and both artists could be laughing all the way to the bank as I’m sure 50’s first week sales should be a multiple higher than what was already certain to top the charts, and I’m sure Game should move an extra unit or two as a result of the spat. I just hope this really wasn’t conjured up, especially at the expense of someone getting hurt. But that’s my two cents…..

What I really need to tell you is that Sunday nights are about to become a bit crowded with events. Kudos to Haciano Ent. for locking down Ruby Falls starting this Sunday to pick up where they left off at LQ (Magic City Sundays) according to an email I received from the group. They are the first urban promoters to hold a weekly event in this beautiful venue; I think folks will truly enjoy the space. But fellas, let’s make sure that all the gun-toting rappers and their entourages check their burners at the door if you know what I mean…..Let’s not cut short what has the potential to quite a successful affair.

Another popular urban promotion group is on the verge of setting a new precedent: securing a weekly Sunday party at a new venue that has yet to open. It may not sound like much, but in the club business most new venues don’t let urban promoters hold events there until about a year or so after opening – after many of the mainstream promoters have grown tired of the venue. If the deal goes through, this group will be holding weekly events at a venue during the same period that semi A-List and B-List mainstream promoters are holding events – something that only Jessica Rosemblum (Wednesdays at Show) had done as of recent history. I’ll keep you posted as the details crystallize.

Currently running Sunday parties include the Sunday stalwart NV (9fingerzinc), and newly launched parties at Taj (Black Diamonds) and Gallery (Easy Money Ent.). So hopefully in a few weeks you, the partygoer will have quite a few options. Look, I only anticipated writing a few lines and wrote a page worth. I must go. Do remember to hit me on the email, fcgnews@gmail.com for any questions comments, concerns, hate mail etc.

Until next time….See you in the clubs…..


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