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Anfernee Hardaway celebrates his B-Day at Ruby Falls

I'm going to keep in very short today folks. For one, I've been told my entries are too long. Second, I didn't get into too much trouble this weekend only on Sunday and it was quite brief.

I made a few stops last night. The first was Gallery where Easy Money Ent. is looking to get his new Sunday night party off the ground. It was a bit light, but has potential to be a nice coolout spot for Sundays if given the room to grow.

After going to a mainstream party at One, I slid over to the sneek peak of Sundays at Ruby Falls which also served as NY Knick Anfernee Hardaway's B-Day Bash (Haciano Ent.). I expected the turnout to be bit stronger given the circumstances, but I guess sneek peaks are supposed to be low key. But I'm sure this will change as word will spread about how good the venue looks. However, the quality of folks there definitely reflected a sneek peak for a good number of notables in the building.
Notables that I noticed included Anfernee Hardway (the b-day boy), Golden State Warrior Baron Davis, DJ Envy, Dallas Foster (promotional director at Quo), Suave, Keino (3rd Lane Ent.) and Neil (Stag Ent.). I'm sure there were others, but the place is pretty big and I wasn't there long enough to walk around the whole place. Plus I got there pretty late, so I'm sure some of the folks had left already. (Which would explain for the lack of pictures...See below)

I'll probably swing by Coral Room (9fingerzinc) this evening which is pretty much the only game in town tonight. It looks like NBA Los and Mr. Hefner are now involved with the event so there is a possibility there will be few NBA players in atttendence at this party based on past events these teams have done.

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More for you in a day or two.....See you in the clubs.


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